PRE-ORDER Detective Board Game - chapter Venice

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Strategy game for teens and adults where you can be a thief or a detective. Using cards (tools, collections, traps) you can win or loose. But first - read 12 crime letters and solve the cases. Time is running out... 

Thief - by rolling a dice, enter a shop and buy some tools, walk further, enter a building with a collection of the most popular buildings in Venice island, using tools on hand steal that collection, go further and enter the Black Market, sell the stolen item for half the price. Keep going, steal more treasures... 

Detective - by rolling a 'different' dice, run after the thief, try to catch him, if you meet him, take some money or collections from him. Meanwhile, set up the trap for him in any building, so every time he arrives, needs to loose some tools or money. 

Learn some knowledge about the most popular and old, unique city in Europe, the tourist destination - Venice

This game is a great gift for your kids, grandchildren, friend and others. 

Designed by architects - for crime lovers. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

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