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As parents of teens, we know they need some activities helping them grow, develop, learn useful informations and, of course, getting them off of screen.

Walking along the streets of Berlin, you can see many old and important buildings of Germany's capital. There is a river, railway, airport, the most impressive buildings of German government and others.

But first, you have to build the city by yourself! Excited?

Inside the box you can find:
_ map board
wooden blocks
facade stickers
letters full of tasks to solve
_ knowledge base of 2 young detectives
virus spread diagram
building cards with clues

That's a DIY educational game for teenagers 10-16 yo. Full of knowledge about architecture and city planning. Interesting play for detective lovers. You have to catch the thief, find a liar, help Berlin Police Department and save Berlin city from virus!

Here are game steps:

Part 1:
1. stick facades on each building (wooden blocks)
2. put buildings on the map in the right place
3. read the letters one by one, while solving cases (get help from detective knowledge base, if needed)

Part 2:
4. put transparent virus diagram on a map, under the buildings
5. read instructions on how to catch a thief before he runs away from Berlin, and save the city from virus
6. read the chosen building clues depending on distance and time
7. find the thief's location

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Customer Reviews

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