We are a family who design educational detective board games. I am in charge of graphic design (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator - that's my stuff). My husband is writing all the mysterious interesting crime stories. He is great at copy because of his limitless imagination.

In our products we share lots of knowledge for teens. Our goal is to teach interesting facts about most popular cities of Europe.

Our priority is quality and education. From every story you can get to learn something, explore creativity, open your mind.

You can follow us on social media (@cheers2youth), see who we are. Check out our videos. We are working with teenagers a lot, trying to help them grow and brainstorm.

How did it started, you ask?
We are into true crime stories a lot, listening those podcasts, watching detective TV series and documentaries, reading detective books. So, one day we thought we can design detective board games ourselves. Here we are, after many months, launching!

European Detective Board Games. Selected for You.