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Auschwitz concentration camp Detective and Escape

During World War II, 1.1 million people were killed in the notorious Auschwitz concentration camp, most of them Jews from all over Europe, including Poles. Now the Polish government has preserved Auschwitz No. 1 and No. 2 concentration camps and transformed them into museums for the world to visit and mourn.

However, recently, the tourists who visited the concentration camp Museum frequently died of poisoning, which had a significant impact on the local tourism industry. There are rumors that millions of dead people in the concentration camp are claiming their lives. The Polish national criminal police has no clue about this. When they are at a loss, they can only seek the help of Anka, an international detective organization with special capabilities.

As the responsible detective of Anka organization for this mission, you will help the Polish national criminal police to carry out the investigation on the mysterious death of tourists in Auschwitz concentration camp. While you uncover the truth layer by layer, what is waiting for you? A huge trap or a murderous demon?

Discover floor plan of concentration camp and find out what's happened in the location of the worst nightmare in Poland.

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